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When three heads are better than one

Meet the visionaries behind SolX who are charging innovation to the energy sector

The energy sector in the Philippines remains a daunting challenge for companies and investors alike. With the growing population and the need to automate businesses, the demand for power increases. However, as electricity costs continue to soar, businesses are faced with the challenge of downsizing or relocating to other countries to lower operational costs.

Seeing this as an opportunity rather than a problem, three visionaries– Sergius Angelo Santos, Matt Levin Chua Tan, and Bradley Cua– have emerged as the driving force behind SolX, a groundbreaking digital energy solutions platform. The founders, who are all Ateneo de Manila University alumni, have started charting their course to revolutionize the Philippines’ energy sector.

A dreamer turned innovator: Sergius Angelo Santos, Co-Founder and CEO

At the helm of SolX stands Sergius Angelo Santos who has propelled the company to remarkable heights.

Raised in a modest family, Santos shared during SolX’s launch that he was a product of being enabled. “We used to live in a very crowded P3,500 per month apartment. We don’t have much but our parents made sure that we get the best education. I could have easily been tainted with the harsh realities of life but my parents created an environment for us just enough to experience life’s daily struggles while keeping us from being discouraged to continue.”

Santos persevered and earned his degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Ateneo before venturing to Japan for his Masters in Engineering. His perspective broadened when he was exposed to various opportunities outside the country. And as he continued to venture abroad, his desire to help his homeland became even more profound.

With innovation coursing through his veins and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology, Santos started SolX to enable businesses in the country.

However, success didn’t come knocking at his door instantly. He noted that working hard does not necessarily translate to success as one must be given the right opportunities and timing, and be surrounded by the right people. “I work really hard but the fact is, I also got lucky. And this is what exactly we are building in our company– our culture of trust and enablement.”

As a technology startup in the Philippines, Santos’s ability to secure seed investments showcases his adeptness at fostering strategic partnerships. The company received a significant boost as it gained the backing of Real Tech Japan, a venture capital firm with a strong track record of supporting innovative startups. This endorsement was further underscored by SolX’s recent achievement of securing investment from state-owned National Development Co. (NDC) through its Startup Venture Fund (SVF)

Under his leadership, SolX has earned its reputation as the fastest digital energy procurement platform in the Philippines, setting new industry standards and revolutionizing the way energy is sourced and managed.

A champion of sustainability: Matt Levin Chua Tan, Co-Founder and COO

More than just a brilliant mathematical mind, SolX’s Co-Founder and COO, Matt Levin Chua Tan is a passionate advocate for sustainability and a fervent believer in the circular economic model.  His drive to create a more environmentally responsible future is a deeply ingrained guiding principle that propels him every day.

His journey to sustainability is one marked by early entrepreneurship when co-founded an energy technology startup while still a college sophomore. This endeavor facilitated the first and fastest digital energy transaction in the Philippines, a testament to his innovative spirit.

At SolX, Tan is not just a numbers man. He is a driving force behind the tech startup which has already helped over 50 commercial and industrial facilities save up more than Php 400,000,000 through their system. “With SolX, we aimed to introduce technology to the energy sector. We believe that energy is also another industry in which technology can play a very fundamental part. It is our hope to enable the industry players to provide value to the RES partners which in return add value to the lives of their customers and as an end result, contribute to the country.”

Tan’s multifaceted contributions highlight his dedication to making a lasting impact on society. His commitment to achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals led him to become a part of the inaugural Impact Collective cohort. Outside of SolX, he wears multiple hats as a Director at the Green Antz Builders Visayas and an Elder at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A builder of communities: Bradley Cua, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

Bradley is currently one of the Co-Founders and Senior Vice President at SolX, where he plays an instrumental role in orchestrating corporate compliance, nurturing client engagement, and adeptly managing client relationships. His multifaceted responsibilities are pivotal in steering the company towards a trajectory of success, consistently delivering exemplary service to esteemed clients.

Simultaneously, Bradley is a dedicated fourth-year law student at Ateneo Law School, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to legal education and a profound passion for the intricate field of law. Beyond his academic pursuits, Bradley has honed his leadership acumen through a tenure of three years in active service within the student council and other organizations, where he mastered indispensable skills in communication, teamwork, and adept problem-solving.

Bradley’s tenure at SolX, where he ensures unwavering commitment to customer, employee, and partner satisfaction, stands as a testament to his dedication. Bradley is adept at swiftly addressing concerns, fostering enduring relationships, and delivering excellence in service. As he approaches the zenith of his legal studies, Bradley remains poised to effectuate meaningful impact within the realms of law and business alike, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the satisfaction and well-being of those he serves.

Let SolX help you find the best RES for your company!

With Santos, Tan, and Cua at the helm, SolX is ready to help its clients find the best retail electricity supplier (RES) through its innovative platform. They’re not just talking the talk; they’re walking it, and that means businesses can be more efficient in their operations while the SolX team optimizes things discreetly. SolX is all about making energy in the Philippines better for you.

If you are a qualified contestable customer ready to take your energy solutions to the next level, visit or email Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore how SolX can tailor its cutting-edge solutions to meet your specific needs.



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